What we do

The Propertymark Trust provides support in three main areas



Mental Health and Wellbeing

We understand in recent years the number of people globally facing and suffering from mental illness has dramatically increased. 

Mental illness can have a devastating effect on every area of life, and it can feel impossible to know where to turn.

Our culture now supports people talking openly about the challenges that they face including how mental illness maybe affecting them, their loved ones and their job.

In recognition of this, The Propertymark Trust is using some of its funding and resources to develop further ways of supporting members and their families who are struggling with the effects of mental illness.


Propertymark and The Propertymark Trust want to support members in their journey to obtaining professional qualifications and we understand that for some, the cost of these qualifications will be prohibitive. 

So, we want to invite applications from those who due to financial challenges might need our assistance to pay for application fees and or study materials to help them become better qualified and in turn to be better able to deliver the outstanding levels of service and advice that consumers deserve.

We believe that everyone should have the chance to become a property professional and join Propertymark so we are actively looking at how we can make sure that cost is never a reason that someone is put off from applying for membership. 


The Propertymark Trust is here for all the Propertymark family and we understand that challenging times can come about through many different circumstances. 

is our commitment to the Propertymark membership that the trustees are fully committed to ensuring that the trust is available to support all members who might find themselves experiencing challenging times through illness or financial hardship.

If you feel that The Propertymark Trust might be able to help you, then please click here