No longer a prisoner in his own house

Thanks to the support from Propertymark Arbon Trust, Rob Lewis FNAEA (Honoured) from Swansea can now get in and out of his home.

Rob who has been a member for 35 years suffered a stroke last October and was in the hospital for over four months. When he left the hospital he was provided with a wheelchair by the NHS, however when he got home he found that the wheelchair would not go through his front door. This meant Rob could not get in or out of the house without someone else assisting him.

Propertymark Arbon Trust heard about his difficulties and agreed to pay for alterations and a new front door so Rob can now go out independently. Additionally, we have agreed to fund specialist physiotherapy for Rob on top of that provided by the NHS. We hope that this will improve Rob’s mobility and enable him to get back to work as soon as possible.

John Oakley, a trustee of Propertymark Arbon Trust presented Rob with a cheque to assist with the cost of the physiotherapy outside his new front door. Rob, his wife Andrea and Rob’s father Michael said that the support they have had from the Arbon Trust has been invaluable, not only for the alterations and the funding for physiotherapy, but for the fact that the profession that he has spent his life working in have been there for him during these difficult times.

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